As of June 2022, BC Soccer requires all coaches, assistant coaches and team managers participating in affiliated leagues to complete a Criminal Record Check (CRC). CRCs are valid for 3 years and all team staff must ensure they have a current/valid CRC on file with our Risk Management Officer at the start of each season.

Failure to have a current Criminal Record Check on file with the FVSL office will deem you ineligible to coach or manage in the FVSL.

How to Obtain a Criminal Record Check

Option 1: Submit a CRC online

FVSL has been approved to have its members submit their CRCs online through the BC Ministry of Justice Online Criminal Record Check Review Program. There is no cost to complete an online CRC.

While the approval process should typically only take a few days, early September is a busy time for CRC requests and so response time may be delayed. If additional information is required approval could take a few weeks. We encourage all members to complete the CRC process immediately or well ahead of September.

You will require you Team or Manager’s password to access the online system.

Online CRC Submission

Option 2: Submit a CRC in person at your local Police Detachment

Criminal Record Checks can only be executed by the police establishment that has jurisdiction in the community where the applicant resides.

You will require a letter from the FVSL available here.

Each police force has its own form(s). Complete all forms carefully. If there is a section in which you sign to give authorization for the police to disclose the information to the league, make sure you use the following contact information:

Noel Estacio
FVSL Risk Management Officer
Fraser Valley Soccer League
205-255 Newport Drive
Port Moody BC V3H 5H1

Some police departments require CRC applicants to pick up their results in person. In this case, you must forward the results in an unaltered form in a sealed envelope to the FVSL Risk Management Officer at the above address.

Some jurisdictions are now requiring finger-printing.

Some police departments charge a fee for processing a Criminal Record Check. Any fee charged is not reimbursable by the FVSL.


CRC results are confidential documents and cannot be shared with another organization unless they have the written consent of the individual involved.

Hard copies of CRCs will be stored by the Risk Management Officer in a secure, locked and confidential file that is accessible only to authorized personnel. Electronic copies of these documents will not be stored. All criminal record checks will be kept on file until such time as a new one is submitted.

The FVSL Risk Management Officer is required to provide a Criminal Record Check report annually to BC Soccer.

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