Spring Player Registration Fees - SPRING 2023 - (Updated: Aug-23-2023)

Red Balance = Team owes the amount.
Green Balance = Team owes zero or is in credit.

Payment Options To pay online choose Spring Player Registration Fee from the Payment Type.

Team Management has a form to apply for rebates for Spring-registered players who played in other BCSA-sanctioned Winter Leagues.

Team Division Total Players Spring Players Rebates Requested Fees Owed Paid Online Paid by eTransfers Total Paid Rebate Credit Balance
Croatia SC A Premier23230$805$175.00$36.00$211$0$594
FC Tigers Vancouver Premier2080$280$35.00$0.00$35$0$245
Juba FC 40210$735$0.00$0.00$0$0$735
Langley United Premier3450$175$35.00$55.00$90$0$85
SFC BB5 United Premier2550$175$70.00$0.00$70$0$105
Surrey Utd Graduates Premier42120$420$0.00$0.00$0$0$420
Vancity Pro A Premier10100$350$0.00$385.00$385$0$-35
Croatia SC B Spring 1 272521$875$560.00$70.00$630$315$-70
FC Tigers Vancouver B Spring 1 30140$490$0.00$0.00$0$0$490
FCT Stars A Spring 1 2873$245$0.00$200.00$200$45$0
GVU FC Punjab A Spring 1 2350$175$175.00$0.00$175$0$0
Juba FC B Spring 1 1810$35$35.00$35.00$70$0$-35
NS Mustangs A Spring 1 37102$350$300.00$0.00$300$30$20
Poco Titans Spring 1 62200$700$175.00$0.00$175$0$525
TSS FC Rovers II Spring 1 2380$280$35.00$210.00$245$0$35
Vancity Pro B Spring 1 30300$1050$0.00$805.00$805$0$245
ASA Selects Spring 2 2051$175$105.00$35.00$140$15$20
Aldergrove Highlanders Spring 2 3360$210$70.00$140.00$210$0$0
Aldergrove United Spring 2 2940$140$70.00$140.00$210$0$-70
Guildford FC Spring 2 22110$385$385.00$0.00$385$0$0
SFC Royals Spring 2 2540$140$0.00$140.00$140$0$0
Spades Spring 2 383723$1295$0.00$885.00$885$345$65
Surrey United B Spring 2 2570$245$0.00$245.00$245$0$0
Tanoa FC Spring 2 2483$280$0.00$235.00$235$45$0
LUSA Impact Spring 3 North2430$105$140.00$0.00$140$0$-35
Poco Athletic Spring 3 North3390$315$315.00$0.00$315$0$0
Poco FC Evolution Spring 3 North3551$175$175.00$0.00$175$15$-15
Poco FC Pacific Spring 3 North3263$210$0.00$165.00$165$45$0
RMSC AMR FC Spring 3 North21210$735$735.00$0.00$735$0$0
RMSC Black Sheep Spring 3 North2210$35$35.00$0.00$35$0$0
RMSC Folly Spring 3 North1960$210$210.00$0.00$210$0$0
RMSC Strikers Spring 3 North1930$105$105.00$0.00$105$0$0
FCT Stars B Spring 3 South3571$245$0.00$245.00$245$15$-15
GVU FC Punjab B Spring 3 South3850$175$175.00$0.00$175$0$0
Grass & Hops FC Spring 3 South3080$280$0.00$280.00$280$0$0
NS Mustangs B Spring 3 South42113$385$0.00$340.00$340$45$0
North Delta 91s Spring 3 South2643$140$140.00$0.00$140$45$-45
North Delta Falcons Spring 3 South2860$210$210.00$0.00$210$0$0
North Delta Royals Spring 3 South3285$280$60.00$100.00$160$75$45
SFC Players Spring 3 South3010$35$35.00$0.00$35$0$0
Aldergrove Midlanders Spring 3 Central3430$105$0.00$105.00$105$0$0
Aldergrove Outlanders Spring 3 Central2490$315$25.00$280.00$305$0$10
LUSA Young Guns Spring 3 Central2330$105$210.00$35.00$245$0$-140
Langley United B Spring 3 Central212019$700$0.00$415.00$415$285$0
Malwa FC Spring 3 Central30264$910$210.00$604.80$814.8$60$35.2
Surrey Utd Latinam Spring 3 Central2690$315$420.00$0.00$420$0$-105
WRU Cloverdale FC Spring 3 Central2930$105$70.00$35.00$105$0$0
White Falcons FC Spring 3 Central3262$210$0.00$180.00$180$30$0
FA Romania Spring Masters211919$665$0.00$0.00$0$285$380
Fast FC Spring Masters3141$140$0.00$90.00$90$15$35
LUSA Knights Spring Masters3176$245$0.00$120.00$120$90$35
LUSA Warriors Spring Masters2660$210$0.00$210.00$210$0$0
SFC Westside Utd Spring Masters2840$140$105.00$0.00$105$0$35
Surrey United Spring Masters3590$315$105.00$35.00$140$0$175
WRU Vault FC Spring Masters2210$35$0.00$35.00$35$0$0


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