Players can be registered until March 31, 2023

Managers, if you need your team password please contact the . Players get your team password from your manager.


PLEASE NOTE: Teams have pre-paid for 15 players. After the first 15 players are registered, all others must be paid for before they can register.

Photo ID Requirements for Players

  1. All new players, or those who did NOT play on a FVSL team in the previous winter or spring seasons, must submit their drivers license or other government-issued photo ID as proof of identity.
  2. ALL players must also supply (or have supplied from a previous season) a head-and-shoulders passport-type photo for use as playing ID.

Failure to comply with these photo ID requirements will prevent those players from completing their registration. Players will be prompted to upload these photos during the registration process.

Player Eligibility and ITC & PTC Regulations

Any player who has registered to play soccer outside Canada or in another province MAY NOT be eligible to register without the proper transfer certificates.

Team managers, it is your responsibility to ensure that ALL PLAYERS are eligible to register under BC Soccer rules. Click here for more info. If you have any doubts about a specific player’s eligibility, please contact the Executive Director.

Playing an ineligible player can result in serious penalties, which may include a $100 fine and loss of game FOR EVERY GAME THAT PLAYER PARTICIPATED IN.

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